Chomedy: Brendan Edge


Brendan Edge is a twenty one year old student in his third year at McGill University pursuing Honours in Canadian Studies and a Major in History. He has lived in Quebec for three years after moving here from Ontario and has worked here for two. His mother’s family has a long history in Quebec, with his ancestors including Famine Irish, Fennians, and Home Children. His first ancestors arrived and settled on a seigneury outside of what is now Quebec City over 400 years ago. The decision made to attend McGill and move full time to Montreal was made in a desire to return to his Qubecois roots. In the summer of 2013 he attended a course at l’Universite du Montreal. Long interested and active in politics he has been drawn to green and environmental issues since his latter years of high school and has been interested in equality and civil liberties since arriving in Montreal. He has won his high school’s History, Theatre, Legion, Policing, and Global Awarness scholarships in 2011. In the fall of that year, after arriving in Montreal, he had two letters to the editor published in The Ottawa Citizen; one pertaining to the rights of privacy of politicians.

Upon coming to McGill he became a coxswain with the McGill University Rowing Club for two years, coxing his boat to a solid gold season in their novice year. During the student crisis of 2012, he opposed the tuition hikes but remained suspect of the PQ’s electoral promises which resulted in him speaking out against going on strike on campus television. Although he worked full time that summer he did volunteer with Kathleen Weil’s campaign for re-election several times. Yet over the last two years he has found that his values, and belief’s, more closely align at the provincial level with that of le Parti Vert du Quebec . However as he believes in fully in the democratic benefits of a multi-party system he openly encourages co-operation across party lines in an effort to have all opinions given a chance for input. If elected he swears that he will not only represent those who vote for him, but shall also speak for those who did not. As a member of Delta Lambda Phi social fraternity his values have him weighing the majority and minority few points equally and will lead in protecting the rights and privileges of all individuals in society. In an effort to serve all Edge wants to see support provided for all ethnic/national communities in Chomedey and guiding the riding in affirming its diversity. He also lends his full support to advocating for better public transit systems, and free public transportation to make access across the region easier, greener, and safer for all.

Through McGill’s Institute for the Study of Canada, he has focused his studies on the history of environments, federal-provincial relations, and national identities which has resulted in a printed Letter to the Editor about falling water levels in the Great Lakes, and a short published piece on the history of Mont Royal. Currently he is working at a restaurant on St. Laurent Blvd as a busboy, but will be employed by McGill University this summer aiding a professor in research. In the past he has worked as a tour guide at a museum and in service positions.

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  • commented 2014-03-28 19:03:39 -0400
    I hope the Mr. Edge is eventually allowed to vote. I would give the Quebec Electoral system some credibility.